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You Deserve A Plan Designed For You

You can probably go to any agency or call any 800 number and get a “apples to apples” quote on your insurance…and you may even save some money. How do you know that is what is best fo ryou? Isn’t the person giving you the quote just copying the mistakes of the current agent, or worse yet 800 number? “Apples to apples” quotes usually get you one of 2 bad things, or maybe both!

  1. Sometimes the policy you have will cover almost everything. That may sound good, but you pay for that. These policies are great…FOR THE AGENT!
    • The agent doesn’t have to help you understand what you have.
    • The agent can cover even very small claims – WHICH RAISES YOUR RATES.
    • And the policy is more expensive so the agent makes more money!
  2. Too often, policies cover the small things great, but don’t really protect you from the catastrophe.
    • That’s a bad plan, and an “apples to apples” quote is a bad quote.

Insurance Is For The Really Big Losses

Don’t ever forget this. Your plan needs to protect you from financial ruin, not from every little bump in
the road. If you can handle the small stuff, and keep your insurance for the big “stuff”, you’ll save
hundred’s of dollars every year.

So How Is Preferred Insurance Center Different?

  1. Through this plan we will give you options, not just “apples to apples”.
  2. We guide you to a sensible plan, covering the big “stuff” but not making you insurance poor.
  3. We will call you every year to make sure your plan is still the right one for you.
  4. Making A Difference Is Our Business – And We’re Passionate About That.
  5. The reviews are in and we are “Preferred”. Google Reviews  &  Facebook Reviews.