Umbrella Insurance in Ohio

As someone living in Ohio, umbrella insurance is a policy to consider if you have a large number of assets. Should an accident happen on your personal property or your business, you could be sued for a sum of money that requires you to sell off many of your assets. With umbrella insurance in place from Preferred Insurance Center in Coldwater, OH, you can protect your assets today.

Personal Assets Can Be Taken

Any personal assets in your name can be seized. Any time you do not have the required cash on hand to cover what is owed by the court system, your assets can be frozen and used to cover the difference.

  • Vehicles
  • Land
  • Homes
  • Rental Properties and Vacation Homes
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Savings Accounts
  • Future Income

Anything that can be sold and used to cover a debt is considered an asset. Some cases will require you to continue paying debts for years to come. This is where your future income comes in as an asset, also. You can add umbrella insurance to your home insurance and auto insurance policies for additional protection.

Commercial Assets Are at Risk

Whether your business is sued directly, or you are sued personally, your commercial property is also considered an asset. It can be used to cover any outstanding debts you may have. Equipment, products, and the property itself, if you own it, are at the risk of being sold. Fortunately, you can supplement your commercial insurance policy with umbrella insurance.

Make the Investment Today

If you would like to invest in your assets and protect them from being taken from you, contact a member of our team at Preferred Insurance Center. We can assist you with adjusting an umbrella insurance policy that supplements either your home or commercial insurance policy today. We look forward to working with you soon.