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What Is #PreferredMovement?

Preferred Insurance Center is moving from the home built by John Boeke, who founded the agency in 1912, to the refurbished and renewed Preferred Insurance Building at 809 W Main St in Coldwater (across from the Mercer Health Hospital)…but that is not the #PreferredMovement.

The agency’s new home is a great building on a great foundation that has grown a little old and stale, so we are transforming it into something new, alive and different.  The change is going to be big…but that is not the #PreferredMovement

More and more people, businesses and farms are moving their insurance to Preferred Insurance Center and saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars …but that is not the #PreferredMovement.

So what IS #PreferredMovement?  It’s a movement about people and businesses  doing things because they want to make a difference.  All around us, everyday, people make a difference in the lives of others.  Preferred Insurance Center has adopted making a difference as a mission, but we are not the only ones. Our story is not the only one that needs to be told.

Preferred Insurance Center is committed not only to making a difference, but also to helping others make a difference.  #PreferredMovement is a movement and not just a media hashtag.  We are using the digital world as one of way of  bringing the people who want to lend a hand to the people who could use a hand.  It is a place for people to share stories and events that changed their lives.  It is a place for charities to let the world know what they do and how you can help.  It is a place for people to publicly  say “thank-you” when someone makes a difference for the them.  Its a place to inspire and to be inspired.

We give $10 to Charity with every quote we give.

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