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Andy Kremer

Personal and Commercial Sales Agent

Hi I’m Andy Kremer a commercial lines account executive for Preferred Insurance center. I am a born and raised Cavalier with plans to always stay here in this wonderful little town with my amazing family. My wife Theresa, our 4 children Mackenzie, Christopher, John and Josh. I enjoy spending time with our family and friends and love to have people over for dinner and to entertain. Serving others is one of the greatest joys in my life.

I have the privilege to work for a company that is not just out to make a profit but make a difference. When you get you get the chance to wake up and go into a place every single day that has a purpose, a mission to add value and worth to every person or business they interact with, its pretty special. An I’m happy to be a part it.

Take a chance to look around the site and see what makes Preferred Insurance tick. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and potential and hopefully lower your over cost of doing business.

Thanks for taking the time to look me up and I look forward to helping you make a difference very soon!

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