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 The People And The Stories!

There are a lot of people and events that make a difference in our lives.  This is where you find those stories and those people.  Of course, we are always looking for new people to recognize and  new stories to share.  If you have someone to nominate or a story to share, please take the time to “make a difference”.

Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management : Touch it Once

Did you know, each interruption on a task makes it take 15-20% longer! You are also 300% more likely to make an error if you have to "start" working on a task more than once! Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid these interruptions: Work In "Spurts"....

I Need Your Help – And It Will Be FUN!

We got some GREAT news.  On Saturday Feb 24th 7:00 PM in the Niswonger Performing Arts Center in Van Wert, Alexis will be competing as a finalist in the Ohio Has Talent contest sponsored by Cardinal Hospice. She will be singing and dancing the Judy Garland...

Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management Series(Part 1)

Today, we kicked of a little series going over time management.
We all have had days where we have a list of things that we need to do that day. Then you receive a phone notification, getting your attention to check your Facebook news feed. Or, perhaps your phone rings, and through that conversation another task or distraction gets added to your day. The end of day comes a long and you feel like you did not get anything accomplished.

Trailblazer Tuesday – What will you be remembered for?

What Will You Be Remembered For? Today's Trailblazer Tuesday we are going to have a bit of a history lesson. If you were asked what Thomas Edison most remembered for, you would say the light bulb. But, what makes the light bulb so significant? It extended...

Give Breast Cancer The Boot

Request a quote and we will donate $10 to the Cancer Association of Mercer County! Breast Cancer Awareness Month [ Help support the fight ] Did you know: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime?  Although women are more likely to be...

My Mother, My hero | Wall of Inspiration

My Mother, My hero. Where do you even begin to write about a person that words can’t fully describe. I will admit it, I was a mama's boy through and through. I talked to my mom multiple times a day. When I was happy, Sad, upset or overjoyed. I could tell...

How To: Not Have Vacation Brain

We have all done it at some point. We leave for vacation on Friday but we mentally left the office the Monday before. This is why having a plan and working your plan makes all the difference. I know it’s exciting to look at activities in the area you are going, but is...

Breakfast + Health Care

Join us for a Group Benefits Discussion! We plan to discuss the following topics, along with answer any questions you may have. Compliance Trumpcare/Obamacare Update Preferred Insurance Center and Keystone – how we can help you and your employees. Where:...

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