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What the Bird!?

Have you been through St. Henry lately? You may have had troubles fitting through the center of the roads due to vehicles parked along both sides of the streets. Or notice people are everywhere carrying bags of random items? Yes, it is garage sale season! You may have...

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Business Planning – How To Choose Your Actions

OK, if you've done a good job so far, this is where business planning meets action. It's time to launch! 20% of your work will give you 80% of your results so due the right 20%! Look at your first year goals and for each one, define the actions that will need to be...

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Business Planning – How To Write Your Goals

Big, small, long-term, urgent. For each Broad Attack Category, first answer, "What absolutely must happen this year?"  Then, for each B.A.C. ask yourself, "What is halfway between here, and the 5 year dream?" Now you have the 3 year goals. Take the time to clearly...

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Business Planning – Write Your 5 Years From Now Dream

It's good to dream and 5 years gives you some time. What would awesome look like? - Look at S.W.O.T. and then imagine 5 years from now but don't settle for anything short of awesome. Think In Terms Like - Win! and Champions! and Super!  Those words aren't the words of...

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Business Planning – S.W.O.T. Plus Analysis

It really is worth it, but you need to keep it real. Strengths – What are our 3 biggest strengths? Weakness – What are our 3 biggest weaknesses? Opportunities – What are the 3 biggest opportunities we can succeed with in the next 6 months? Threats – What three things...

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Spring Fling Giveaway Winner

We had an overwhelming response to our Spring Fling Giveaway! Thank you all so much who participated in the giveaway! By liking, commenting and sharing the Facebook giveaway post, you were entered to win a $700 gift certificate to Borger's Bicycles in Coldwater, Ohio....

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Your St. Henry Garage Sales Listing and Map

Fill out the form and we will email you the link to the map and listing. **NEW** Have the Google map and listing texted to your cell phone. Simply add your phone number when filling out the form and check the YES box. By downloading the Google Map & Listing You...

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Shaving In Memory Of A Loved One

Eight years ago on 3-15-2009 my mother, Pamela Wenning, lost her battle with cancer.  There have obviously been so many moments filled with grief since that day, but we all realize how lucky we were to have such a caring and selfless mother for as long as we did.  We...

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Reserve your flock at the 2017 St. Henry Garage Sales!

Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance are pairing up to conduct an other Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser at the 2017 St. Henry Community Garage Sales. This fundraiser will be benefiting the St. Henry Track team. How it works! Everyone who is having a...

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Early Spring Landscaping To-Do List

Spring is getting an early jump start this year so get a head start on your "Early Spring Landscaping To-Do List" this year! Here are a few things to do to prepare for spring: 1. Dormant Prune any trees or shrubs that are getting to big in your landscape. Structural...

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