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Growth and Training

You want your employees to be a team, and you want the team to improve. This is the resource for you. It’s under construction for now, but be ready for some amazing articles, services and resources.

Train For Your Adventure!

John Maxwell Leadership Classes & Training

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Individual Growth & Leadership Mentoring

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Business Growth & Strategy Training

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Personal Growth & Strategy Training

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The CORE Of What We Do!

  • Innovative Core Business Success Assessment.
  • Risk Assessment & Management.
  • Contract, Lease & Hold Harmless reviews.
  • Keystone Industry specific plans and markets.
  • Keystone Risk Management expertise if needed.
  • Keystone Expert Accident & Claim Investigation.
  • Environmental Engineering & Pollution Programs
  • Fee or Commission Based - Your Choice

Below are Additional Services Available Based on Core Business Adventure Guidance:

sales-and-marketing-iconEmployee Benefits

Attracting & Keeping Your Team

business-plan-iconPlanning & Perpetuation

Define Your Adventure

teamwork-iconGrowth & Training

Train For Your Adventure.


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Learn to Lead- John Maxwell

Fill out my online form. John Maxwell has been voted the #1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. Magazine John Maxwell was voted the top leadership professional guru six years in a row on Leadership Gurus.net. John Maxwell is a #1 New York Times best...

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Leadership Letters: Changing Your Colors

Changing your life isn't easy, but knowing where to start can make all the difference. I know this video is a little slow, and hard to hear, so I'll try to summarize this with an outline below. The video starts with margarita glasses that each have a hole drilled into...

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The Leadership Letters: Mine Maze

This is a teamwork activity that focuses on being able to differentiate the wrong path from the right path, quite literally. Your team members are paired up and need to help each other get through a "mine field" made of tables and chairs! Materials you will need; LOTS...

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The Leadership Letters: Tall Tower

This is an effective team-building exercise that allows a team to see and experience the difference between a boss and a great leader. You do the same exercise twice with different restrictions to show the differences pretty obviously. Don't just watch the video,...

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My Preferred Business Idea Evaluation Tool

  "What the ____ is a Business Idea Evaluation Tool?" It's a big name for a simple, easy to use tool, that can really clear you mind. Almost sounds too good to be true as I write it but I know it's not because I've been using it for some time now. It flat out...

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Your Personal Growth

A Life Well Lived This is the place we are depositing the golden nuggets of knowledge and inspiration we all come across from time to time. We are hoping for everything from simple stories to strategies for making important decisions. Right now, it is a big "pile" of...

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