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Risk Management & Business Insurance

Risk management is a lot more than just insurance, and not doing it well is very…risky!

Risk Management – Not Just Insurance

What could happen, or not happen, that threatens your business? Do you really know?

Your Problem

Have you considered what really threatens your business (besides fire and windstorm)?

  • What happens if your biggest supplier, or customer, is wiped out by a tornado?
  • Do you have employees you depend on? What happens when they’re gone?
  • Getting hacked can ruin you…but you probably don’t use the internet at all.
  • How many ways can that widget you make get you sued?

The Preferred Solution

  • We start by asking a lot of questions and getting to know you.
  • Let’s also talk to your key people and ask them what they worry about.
  • We’re not lawyers, but we need to look at some contracts.
  • Let us service your current policy till we know what we really need.
  • Let’s remember that insurance is for the large losses, but let’s be sure we cover the big ones.
  • Forget the “apples to apples” quote. Apples to apples quotes will usually just get you bad apples.

When you’ve been part of a real discover process, you know it and you’ll know what your paying for and why. “Surprises” are for birthday parties, not big financial losses.

Do you make a product or build something? How many ways could it get you sued?

Your Problem

You probably got into business by thinking a different ways to do things or use things. You know people are doing that with everything you make or sell. Now when one of them gets hurt or burns something down, who do you think the lawyer is going after?

  • If you’ve never been sued, it’s probably your turn.
  • Have you looked at everything you make, sell and do lately?
  • Has your business changed lately? (Whose hasn’t)

The Preferred Solution

  • We usually get the assistance of industry-specific specialists who have done this before.
  • We review current and potential products for risk of user injury and contingent property damage.
  • Focus is on product itself, labeling and operations manuals.

You can be armed and ready. When the lawyer’s letter arrives, instead of panic, you can feel sorry for the lawyer!

Do you ever give advice or make a decision? The lawyers are watching.

Your Problem

How often do you give someone advice or just make a decision?

  • “Professional” activities  can get your sued.
  • Since its not a product, it may need special coverage.
  • What do your contracts say you do?
  • What do you advertise?

The Preferred Solution

  • Again, we really try to get to know you and your business.
  • The industry specialist we work with know what “Professional” means.
  • We specifically look for these things instead of just quoting “apples to apples”.

You want people to think you’re a professional or expert, so we’ll make sure if a lawyer tries to use that against you the insurance company is ready for them.

Getting hacked can ruin you...but you probably don't use the internet at all.

Your Problem

You and your employees probably use the internet every day. What happens if someone’s laptop is stolen?

  • Do you send private information through emails?
  • Do you keep information on your laptops or hard drives?
  • What happens if someone steals that laptop or server?
  • People all over the world are trying to hack into your computers. What if they succeed?

The Preferred Solution

  • We have simple questionnaires that will uncover most problems.
  • We know who to contact for expert opinions.
  • A lot of problems can be solved with simple solutions.

We’re not an internet security company, but we probably can help you decide if you could have a problem and put you in touch with the people who have the solution.

Do you have employees you depend on? What happens when they're gone?

Your Problem

Most businesses have a few people that make everything else work.

  • Do you know who these people are and why they are “key”?
  • Do you have an idea what they know and what they think?
  • Have you figured out what you will do if they suddenly die…or quit…or get sick?
  • What could you do to keep them from quitting?

The Preferred Solution

  • We’ll do brief key employee interviews.
  • We discover what they do that is so vital.
  • We also find out what they see as problems and threats to the business.
  • Let’s find out what they want for their future too.
  • Golden Handcuffs, Deferred Compensation…yeah we know what those are.

Once you have a plan for keep or replacing the key people, even an untimely disaster won’t be a disaster for the business.

Have you had a few claims? Think we could learn from them?

Your Problem

You’ve had a few claims and now your rates are going up.

  • Those claims seem unrelated…but are they?
  • Even if they were small, will the next one be?

The Preferred Solution

  • We’ll look at your claims to learn what we can.
  • Industry experts will help find ways to reduce or eliminate those claims in the future.
  • Let’s make the changes we need to reduce your cost.

Nobody wants a claim, but if you have had a few we can learn from them. Let’s make sure experience is a teacher.

You don't have to handle every threat. It's called Risk Transfer, and it could be free.

Your Problem

Every possible loss is a risk to someone.

  • Who is going to pay, and how much?
  • When did you last consider what risk you can handle, and what you can transfer?
  • Do you even know where to begin?

The Preferred Solution

  • Some risk are small and you can be paid to take them!
  • Some may be able to be covered completely by someone else.
  • We’ll compare the alternatives, higher deductibles and self-insurance so you know your options.

When you decide what you will handle and what you won’t, you’ll only pay for the coverages you really need without risking a loss that will bring your business to an untimely demise.

You have enough hassles - you don't want Risk Management to be another one.

Your Problem

Do you know what services to expect when and from whom when it comes to your insurance, benefits, and risk management?

  • Do you have a service contract for these things?
  • Does your staff know who to call when things go wrong?
  • More important, do they know who to call when things go right?

The Preferred Solution

  • You choose the services you want and when you want them.
  • You get a timeline for those services, and who will be contacting you.
  • We know who to contact at your company so we don’t waste the wrong person’s time.

We have a system that keeps track of who at your organization we need to deal with for each of our services you choose. You delegate, we cooperate…and you get a break.

The CORE Of What We Do!

  • Innovative Core Business Success Assessment.
  • Risk Assessment & Management.
  • Contract, Lease & Hold Harmless reviews.
  • Keystone Industry specific plans and markets.
  • Keystone Risk Management expertise if needed.
  • Keystone Expert Accident & Claim Investigation.
  • Environmental Engineering & Pollution Programs
  • Fee or Commission Based - Your Choice

Below are Additional Services Available Based on Core Business Adventure Guidance:

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business-plan-iconPlanning & Perpetuation

Define Your Adventure

teamwork-iconGrowth & Training

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