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Business Planning & Growth

We know what you’re thinking; “What does this have to do with insurance”. We’re not just about insurance. We are about success solutions. You want to grow and succeed and we want to be part of that. We have gathered a lot of resources and services from Keystone, our partners, and our experience. We adding to this section all the time, and we invite your input. We’re all in this together.

Business Planning & Growth

Business Planning and a plan that works are not always the same.

Your Problem

You have an idea what you want to do, but how do you actually get it done?

  • Do you really know what you need to do?
  • Do you know your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats?
  • Considering your SWOTs – what’s next?
  • Are you ready to get it done?

The Preferred Solution

  • A workable, usable, FREE guide to the planning process CLICK HERE
  • Additional help if you want a second opinion
  • Advice for turning a plan into results

A ship without a course is always lost. Just having a plan will get you going somewhere and sleeping better.

Disaster Planning - Kitchen Fire to Tornado - What are you going to do?

Your Problem

You know you should have a plan for handling a disaster, but there those small business problems.

  • You have no idea where to start
  • You can’t afford an expensive consultant.
  • You’re not even sure you can afford the solutions!

The Preferred Solution

  • Start with a free, simple, do it yourself guide that we can provide.  Click Here
  • If you have a plan, even a simple one, you’re way ahead of the crowd.
  • Coming Soon – Resources page to help you know where to get help.
  • A plan without funding will probably fail. We can get the funding you need.

When you face a disaster and you have a roadmap (plan), you can begin to solve the problem instead of crumbling in despair.

Do you have a partner? Do you need one? Do you want to work with their heir?

Your Problem

It’s a lot easier to get a partner than it is to keep a business going strong when you lose one.

  • There are a lot of things besides death that you need to consider: disability, crime, mental conditions….
  • No plan can bankrupt a thriving business
  • A plan without the money to make it work is a disaster

The Preferred Solution

  • We aren’t lawyers, but we know what to look for and we know who does this kind of work.
  • We’ve been through it successfully & experience is a great teacher.
  • You can fund a great plan in probably fund a retirement too.

Whether it retirement or an emergency, having a plan and the funds saves a lot of money, time, and heartache.

  • Buy - Sell plan review

    Do you have one? Will it work? Is it funded?
You've got a lot of great ideas. How do you decide what to do next?

Your Problem

You probably either have, or receive from others a lot of great ideas.

  • You can’t do them all, you’ll probably end up not finishing them or not doing them well.
  • How do you know which to do, which to forget, and which to do later.

The Preferred Solution

Believe or not, we have a simple decision making spreadsheet that can clear the air, so you don’t have to error.

Read more about our Business Idea Evaluation Tool
Have you thought about life after work? Your life...or someone else's.
  • Your Problem

    Retirement and financial planning is a specialty you probably can’t do, and don’t have time for…but failing to plan for it is not an option.

    • Group retirement plans are heavily regulated
    • Your group plan is not enough
    • You have a business to run too.

    The Preferred Solution

    • We work with group retirement plan specialist
    • They also do individual planning
    • And they can do all the investing too.

    Don’t just hope you have a great retirement – create it. You can dream of relaxing, and relax knowing your dream can come true.

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Learn to Lead- John Maxwell

Fill out my online form. John Maxwell has been voted the #1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. Magazine John Maxwell was voted the top leadership professional guru six years in a row on Leadership Gurus.net. John Maxwell is a #1 New York Times best...

Business Planning – An Outline For Getting Started

Everyone says having a plan is so important, but so many don’t have a clue where to begin and how to go about it. My plan here is to create a simple outline of the whole process, and then link to the detailed articles about each step. You don’t need to follow each step in order necessarily, but that usually works best. Also, remember this is just a guide. Don’t be afraid to do something special that fits your style, industry or needs.

My Preferred Business Idea Evaluation Tool

  "What the ____ is a Business Idea Evaluation Tool?" It's a big name for a simple, easy to use tool, that can really clear you mind. Almost sounds too good to be true as I write it but I know it's not because I've been using it for some time now. It flat out...

Jumping To A Fulfilling Life

I've been working on a short guide to a fulfilling life for a while now, but didn't know how to present it or what to really do with it. It's not great, just something I've been doing personally for a while and I tried to figure out how to share it. I'd write more,...


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Business Planning – How To Choose Your Actions

OK, if you've done a good job so far, this is where business planning meets action. It's time to launch! 20% of your work will give you 80% of your results so due the right 20%! Look at your first year goals and for each one, define the actions that will need to be...

Business Planning – How To Write Your Goals

Big, small, long-term, urgent. For each Broad Attack Category, first answer, "What absolutely must happen this year?"  Then, for each B.A.C. ask yourself, "What is halfway between here, and the 5 year dream?" Now you have the 3 year goals. Take the time to clearly...

Business Planning – Write Your 5 Years From Now Dream

It's good to dream and 5 years gives you some time. What would awesome look like? - Look at S.W.O.T. and then imagine 5 years from now but don't settle for anything short of awesome. Think In Terms Like - Win! and Champions! and Super!  Those words aren't the words of...

Business Planning – S.W.O.T. Plus Analysis

It really is worth it, but you need to keep it real. Strengths – What are our 3 biggest strengths? Weakness – What are our 3 biggest weaknesses? Opportunities – What are the 3 biggest opportunities we can succeed with in the next 6 months? Threats – What three things...

Business Planning – Decide Who Gets To Decide & How

Make up your mind who gets to have input, and who gets to decide. It may sound simple, but it isn't often. In some organizations they vote on everything. That isn't leadership at all, that is a recipe for disaster. We are talking about writing plans and statements...

Business Planning – How To Write A Culture Statement

Business planning needs to start somewhere, and I think it should start with writing a culture description.  I debated between writing a Mission Statement or a Culture Statement. I chose to start with the Culture Statement because it is a statement about "who" your...

Preferred Insurance Center – Our Culture

Webster's definition of culture: "The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization." Our Attitudes We Are Tiggers Not Eeyores!   Tiggers are excited and happy.  They have bad days and bad times but they make...