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Human Resources, Employees, Benefits, Compliance And More.

It’s likely that your team is your greatest asset, your greatest expense, your greatest headache, and your greatest source of accomplishment and pride. As is common, the parts of our business that require the most effort are the most rewarding.

But with all the regulation and the importance of this part of your business, don’t you want as much help as you can get? And what happens when the person doing your HR work leaves because you’ve trained them so well? Have you ever considered letting someone else provide as many solutions as possible? You’ll really like that plan when the Department of Labor auditor shows up.

Below is just a short list of our HR related services. A lot of them are included when we are your benefits provider. The rest may not be for everyone, but when you need that specialist, their value is incredible.

Employees, Human Resources, Government Regulations, Benefits and More. 

Do you provide health insurance? Are you self-insured? Should you be?

The Problem

Everything has changed in the benefits world. Maybe your are “Grandfathered” or “Grandmothered” or just paying “Grands”, but a creative expert can show you options. Do they always work? No! Should you know your options? Yes!

The Preferred Solution!

Benefits Professionals with experience, expertise, and millions of dollars of resources

  • Large and small groups
  • Traditional and/or self-insured plans
  • Partially self-insured groups
  • Even captives
  • Full administration and compliance available
  • Can completely integrate with Risk Mangement and Payroll services to provide a complete solution.

Bring some sanity and stability back into the benefits world by making it part of a totally integrated solution managed by professionals. Free your mind so you can concentrate on your bottom line. 

The Affordable Care Act - are you compliant? Will you stay compliant? Are you sure?

The Preferred Solution!

  • Affordable Care Act compliance review, including forms creation and mailing
  • Payroll services that coordinate with your benefits to provide seamless compliance
    • Multiple levels of services so one is sure to suite your needs
  • HR Portals providing reminders of notice due dates and notice templates
  • Access to free HR advice from Keystone’s own HR Lawyer – just call an toll free number

Lets us handle your ACA compliance, so you and your HR staff can stop worrying about that 17,000 page bill and get back to managing your most important, and expensive, asset – your people.


Are you prepared for your Department of Labor audit? They're preparing for you

The Problem

The DOL has hired thousands of new auditors to ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act and ERISA.  Many employers aren’t prepared for the possibility of an audit. Although many audits are triggered by an employee complaint, most are random, or triggered by a failure to file.

The Preferred Solution!

  • Our risk management and benefits divisions work together to do a compliance assessment
  • Assessment makes recommendations and identifies areas of concern
  • Full Department of Labor Audit preparation including documentation is available.
  • Audit defense and representation is also available.

It’s not a matter of if you get audited, but when. Being prepared will greatly reduce the time and expense of an audit, not to mention YOUR stress. Correcting problems early will reduce fines and penalties.

OSHA & BWC - have you thought about them lately? Are they thinking about you?

Your Problem

OSHA and The Bureau of Workers Compensation don’t just have a couple regulations, they have thousands.

  • Who can keep up with all that?
  • How do you provide all that training?
  • Is your Workers Comp rate being effected?

The Preferred Solution

We provide a huge list of services and resources. Below is just a few of our more popular solutions.

  • OSHA assessment, pre-inspection and defense
  • OSHA 10/30 Hour Training, Competent Person, Powered Industrial Truck, and Supervisor Training
  • OSHA 300 Log Requirement assessment and development
  • Post Accident Claims Investigation
  • Safety Committee formation and administration
  • Safety Manual review or development
  • Fleet Safety Program

An ounce of prevention is work a pound (or hundreds or thousands of $$$$) of cure. You can know you are proactive and ready.

Do you drug test? Is your program legal? Fair? Working?

Your Problem

You’re thinking about drug testing, or maybe you think you already are drug testing. But what about..

  • Are people cheating? Do you want them to?
  • Do you have legal guidelines? Are you following them?
  • Is this helping your staffing and safety, or creating a lawsuit?

The Preferred Solution

Again, we have professional, legal, assistance available

  • We will review your current policy, or help you create a good one.
  • We will teach how to implement it and make sure you are getting results.
  • We will show how to use drug testing to avoid lawsuits, not creat them.

Never again wonder if your drug testing program is just pissing away your profits.


Hiring, Firing, and Employee Reviews - Yep, we been there.

Your Problem

You literally interact with your employees hundreds of times in a hundred different ways all the time. Every one of those interactions can help you and your employees work better together, or land you in a courtroom.

The Preferred Solution

  • Employee Manual development and/or review
  • Example Employee Review Forms
  • Hiring and interview guidance and recommendations
  • Access to an HR Lawyer – just a toll free call away
  • Systems and portals capable of handling on your hiring and termination forms and requirement

You don’t just want to avoid doing something wrong, you want to do a lot of things right.

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