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Preferred Insurance Center understands that our community is vital, not only to our business, but our children, our homes, our schools and our lives.  We are blessed to be where we are and we truly desire to make a difference in our neighborhood and world.


First, we decided to make 2012 the year of giving back.

It was our way of saying “thank you” for the 100 years the community had given us.

We started Quotes4Causes. It’s simple.  Every time we quote a policy for someone, we give $10 to a local charity.

We also started Flamingo Flocking, which is a whole story to itself and getting involved in a lot more charitable activities.

The most amazing thing about all this is the effect it has had on Preferred Insurance Center.  We started to have a new spirit and enthusiasm.  We are working with a greater purpose.  It has made us all better people and a better agency.

Going Forth With a New Purpose!

With our new purpose and enthusiasm, we suddenly started growing faster and hiring people. We changed our marketing focus to social media like Facebook and Twitter. We wanted work to be fun and fun for you to work with, so we started having contest and prizes. It seems to be working!

We’ve grown from five employees to eleven and raised over $50,000 for local charities. God has been very good to Preferred Insurance Center.

Striving to be better!

We have changed our renewal process drastically. Every year, around the time of your homeowner renewal, someone from our staff will give you a call. We are going to offer you a chance to completely review of your coverages.

Click here to learn more about our Annual Review process!



The awards are numbered plaques which are passed from one person to another as a way of saying thank-you to someone who has made a difference.  Each time the award is passed on the giver explains why they have chosen to give the award to the person they are passing it on to.

Check out who won these awards

#PeferredMovement Making A Difference Award: Pastor Randy & Trisha Christian

Awarded By: C.A.L.L. Food Pantry Pastor Tim Clutter Randy & Trisha tirelessly serve God spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the inmates at the Mercer County Jail, the attendees of their twice a week “Against All Odds” addiction reform sessions, their twice a week church services at “The Lords Church” as well as […]


#PreferredMovement Making A Difference Award: C.A.L.L. Food Pantry

Awarded By: Larissa Kahlig 12/11/14 I chose this organization because it helps people in the community. It helps people in need to receive clothing, shoes, home decor, kitchen utensils, etc. I found this organization through my grandma who volunteers her time with many other wonderful people. C.A.L.L stands for Community Action Life Line. This organization is […]


#PreferredMovement Making A Difference Award: Larissa Kahlig

Awarded By: Jason Cupp 12/11/14 Larissa’s family provides foster care for abused and neglected children. Larissa is very patient and always willing to assist her parents. She spends lots of time with the children and is an excellent role model for the children that have stayed in their home.        


#PreferredMovement Making A Difference Award: Tracy Clark

Awarded By: Theresa Lennartz 10/20/14 Tracy Clark has gone over and above this past few years by taking photos for the sports teams at Fort Recovery and any other events she is at.. She is always the first person to make treats for the teams when she does not even have a kid participating. She […]


#PreferredMovement Making A Difference Award: Tim Simmons | Coopers Farm

Tim has always been there to help us out. Thanks To Our Yanks has sent over 2,500 care packages to local soldiers serving in harms way over the past 8 years. These packages all contained turkey jerky. Tim provides us with the ground turkey and makes sure that every mouth can enjoy the turkey jerky…



We try very hard to keep a calendar of upcoming events and fundraisers.  Some of these we will be at, some we won’t.  If we show up, we usually aren’t too hard to find.  Regardless, this is a great place to discover how you can be more involved in this great community.

Upcoming fundraisers and events

#220pushups for #22KILL


2015 Cash for Cans

Its that time of the year again! As the holiday season approaches, we tend to get more into the giving spirit and helping others. Which is WONDERFUL! The holiday seasons, for most, are full of cherished time with family and friends. Unfortunately not all of us get to experience this “most wonderful time of the […]


BBBS Donation Page

HELP A GREAT CAUSE & WIN- The true competition is to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer/Auglaize Counties. Craig and Susie are looking not only to kick butt on the dance floor, but also raising the most funds for this great organization! For every $10 donated, receive 1 entry for a chance to win 2 OSU v. Michigan tickets!


Cabaret – The 7 Emotions of a Teenager

OK people, you have to see this show. Every time the drama club puts on a show it gets better and this looks fantastic. Watch the video and judge for yourself! This show is going to be great. Coldwater High School Drama is presents Cabaret: The 7 Emotions of a Teenager October 29th at 7PM […]


Coldwater Drama Presents “High School Musical”!


Fort Recovery Garage Sale – Reserve your flock!


John Maxwell Laws of Growth Classes


Nov 10 Dance Lessons


Reserve your flock at the 2017 St. Henry Garage Sales!

Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance are pairing up to conduct an other Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser at the 2017 St. Henry Community Garage Sales. This fundraiser will be benefiting the St. Henry Track team. How it works! Everyone who is having a garage sale at the St. Henry Garage Sales has the opportunity to host […]


Survivor of Suicide Support Group Forming

My name is Carol Griesdorn and I am the younger sister of Randy Griesdorn, who died by suicide almost 5 years ago.  It has been an emotional journey that was unexpected but could happen to anyone, anytime.  Everyone hears about suicide, but no one wants to talk about it, no one wants to admit that […]


What the Bird!?


What’s The Story With Those Pink Flamingos?


You’ll never believe who just won $1,000!!!


You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown!

The amazing Coldwater High School Drama club is doing another, just barely off Broadway production, and it’s an all-time favorite: You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown You can get a preview here, but to catch the whole show you need to go to the Coldwater High School Auditeria for one (or all 🙂 ) of […]


What We’ve Been Doing

Find out where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing.  Maybe we’re not changing the world but we’re trying to make a difference in our little corner.


Just a few things we've done recently

St. Henry Flamingo Flocking 2017 | Ohio Insurance

2017 St. Henry Garage Sales & Flamingo Flocking Wrap Up


My Wife Is A Star!

WATCH VIDEO! Dancing with the Big Stars fundraiser, benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer/Auglaize County.


Winner of the OSU v Michigan tickets : Dean & Lynne Huelsman

HELPING A GREAT CAUSE As you most likely know by now, Preferred Insurance Center is sponsoring Craig Muhlenkamp & Susie Muhlenkamp in the Dancing With the Big Stars competition. This is a major fundraiser benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer/Auglaize County. The 3nd Annual Dancing with the BIG Stars will be held this year […]


An evening at C.A.L.L. Cafe!


Garage sale flamingo flocking wrap up

The Preferred Insurance Flamingos had quite the adventure this summer already! They were ecstatic to help three great local organizations/groups raise a total of $3,000!! The flamingos attended the St. Henry, Coldwater and Fort Recovery garage sale. For every flock of flamingos that were placed at a garage sale, Preferred Insurance Center along with a company […]


At Preferred Insurance Center we do a lot of things right.

  • We give $10 to charity every time we give a quote.
  • We do your shopping for you. One call usually gets you quotes from 8 great companies.
  • We save people hundreds of dollars on their insurance.
  • You are our friends and neighbors and we expect you to call us at home after hours when you have a problem.