Whole What? – The 30 Day Detox that’s Taking Over

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Kylie Craft

Time after time I keep seeing the phrase “Whole 30” pop up on my google search, Facebook, and Pinterest. I knew it was a digestive reset, but it peaked my interest enough to do a bit more digging. And what better time than the new year?!

The “Whole 30” is a nutritional reset designed around 30 days. For those 30 days, you eliminate all processed foods, sugars, dairy, and grains from your diet in order to teach your body to detox all the junk and toxins we consume on a daily basis, and learn to absorb nutrients from whole foods. This reset allows your body to help put an end to unhealthy cravings, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and boost your immune system.

To most people, this sounds crazy. Most can’t even fathom eliminating all these foods for 30 days. I’m one of them! But as I continued to research more and more about this plan, I realized that the benefits if I completed it would heavily outweigh the sacrifices. The Whole 30 will change your life. It will change your habits and cravings, and it will most likely result in weight loss without even restricting calories! But most importantly, it will change your relationship with food. It unchains you from the sugar dragon, and teaches you to really taste and love wholesome foods.

So join me! Strength is definitely in numbers when completing a Whole 30. A support group is great for encouragement, recipe ideas, and even just to vent when that caffeine headache takes over on day 3. I will be completing my very own Whole 30 February 1 until day 30 on March 2. Email me to join me for a not so easy, but oh so rewarding February. I can’t wait to encourage and support your challenge!

Resources to help:

Whole30 Downloads


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