What’s your guess??

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld

First person to guess the correct amount of ornaments on the Preferred Insurance Christmas tree will win a $25 gift certificate! Go!

Only 2 Weeks Left!

Enter to Win 2 Night Getaway to Hocking Hills.

That’s right, your own cabin in the hills of southern Ohio.  Earn extra entries by entering early, sharing on Facebook, and  for having joined the #PreferredMovement.

No Obligation.  No One Will Call Unless You Request It.

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I also want to join the #PreferredMovement.

Make A Difference For Yourself and Others! (choose 1)

*Preferred Insurance gives $10 to charity every time they give a NO OBLIGATION, FREE quote.  I want to save hundreds of $$$$ on my insurance and help great local charities like State of The Heart Hospice and CALL Food Pantry.   Contact me about my insurance!
*I am already a client of Preferred Insurance.
*I don’t like saving hundreds of dollars (I’m really rich)  and helping local charities isn’t worth 20 minutes of my time!  Don’t call me.  🙂



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