What the Bird!?

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld

Have you been through St. Henry lately? You may have had troubles fitting through the center of the roads due to vehicles parked along both sides of the streets. Or notice people are everywhere carrying bags of random items? Yes, it is garage sale season!

You may have also noticed some flashy flamingos in the yards of those hosting a garage sale. But, why?

Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance are teaming together and putting on another round of Flamingo Flocking during the St. Henry Garage Sales. This is a fundraiser benefiting the St. Henry Track Team. For every flock of flamingos hosted by someone having a garage sale, Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance are donating $20 to the St. Henry Track Team. With their natural pink pigment, the birds are also out to help the shoppers locate each sale.

It’s not too late to hit some good sales! If you are looking to do some shopping this weekend be sure to download the interactive Google Map and Listing for the St. Henry Garage Sales.

If you are from the area, this will not be the last time you see these flamingos! They are gearing up to also be at the Coldwater and Fort Recovery local garage sale. They will be out to help the Coldwater Academic Promoters and the Fort Recovery Traveling Tribe.


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