Weight Loss – Setting Yourself Up for Success!

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Deanna Davis

Have you ever wondered why after you dieted hard for a vacation/wedding etc and right after you immediately gained the weight back and it then took months to then lose it again??

We’re going to try to break this down as simple as possible as it pertains to EVERYONE.

Your metabolic rate (metabolism) is THE single most important factor that determines fat loss. Not caloric deficit, not doing endless hours of cardio. Without metabolism you are dead in the water. You can burn calories all day but if your metabolism is damaged your body essentially goes into emergency protection mode and holds onto fat storages. You could eat no carbs/ fats, finish each day in a 500 calorie deficit, doing 2 hours of cardio, but with no metabolic or low metabolic rate you cannot and will not lose bodyfat. You will only damage yourself further.

Let’s examine why and how metabolic rate becomes damaged…

Things that damage metabolic rate..
1) Doing constant steady state/low intensity cardio, as opposed to incorporating weights & HIIT. Is it better than sitting on the couch – YES ABSOLUTELY… But you lose the fat burning component of steady state cardio quite quickly. If you really want to burn fat, try some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at least once or twice a week…and focus on weight training (see below).
2) Restricting calories too much. More specifically not having enough fats and good carbs in your diet.
3) Not understanding the math behind what you are doing. If you are eating 1200 calories per day and burning 500-1000 in your workouts you are damaging your metabolic rate. OUCH!

Things that build metabolic rate…
1) Lifting weights, building muscle. High intensity lifting. Women, we cannot stress this enough. You need to lift heavy and often. You don’t get bulky from lifting weights, you get bulky from the cupcakes you eat. Adding muscle adds to metabolic rate, more specifically the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns.
2) HIIT cardio. High Intensity Interval Training. This is the only type of cardio the body does not adapt to. It supports metabolic rate as well as has the fat burning component. See us for ideas on how to incorporate HIIT into your workout – we are happy to help!
3) Getting enough quality calories. (Proteins – meat & beans, healthy carbs – vegetables, fruit, whole grains, FATS – nuts, oils.) You need to eat to lose fat. You need to eat to build muscle. You starve yourself, you starve your fat loss ability. Here’s what you need to watch – SUGAR, processed foods & high portions.

Be wary of super low calorie diets & exercise programs with endless amounts of cardio & no weight training. Ever been on a restrictive diet and as soon as you stop, your weight comes right back on? What happened was that during your dieting process you constantly chipped away at your metabolism. So for example let’s say a healthy adult female burns 1500 calories/day without any exercise. You restrict your diet to 1200 calories, do an hour of steady state cardio to burn 500 calories. Your calorie deficit is 800. I you do this 7 days a week, your weekly deficit is 5600. A pound is 3500 calories, so by the math, you would lose about a pound and a half a week. This sounds great right?! Well, sort of. If you continue at this rate, your body will adapt and learn to burn less calories because of these restrictions. Plus, all the while, all you’re doing is cardio, and not burning calorie burning muscle, and actually eating away at it because your body has nothing else to use as energy with such great diet restriction.

What are you doing? – Setting yourself up for disaster. Once you go off your non-maintainable 1200 calorie diet, and miss a day a day or two of cardio, the weight comes back on. UGH – We don’t want that!
Here’s what you do. Follow the science, not the math. Get yourself on a maintainable exercise program that you ENJOY – incorporating both cardio & WEIGHTS. Choose a healthy diet… LIMIT SUGAR & ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. Eat whole foods. Eat non-processed & non-dyed foods. Beware of what the commercials want you to think is healthy – (eh,em – yogurt – check out the sugar – yick!) Don’t forget the protein! Drink half your body weight in water ounces a day. And have a cheat day here and there. It’s OK! You gotta live your life. Cheat days aren’t what kill your weight loss. It’s the other “every days”. Did we mention, find an exercise program you ENJOY. The SINGLE very most important part of any exercise program (other than incorporating HIIT and weights) is CONSISTENCY. Without it, you’ll be right back where you started. Don’t let that happen! Again, we are ALWAYS here for you. We can set up a workout program for you. Also, TRY OUR CLASSES. These classes have what you need. HIIT, weights, balance work, stretching, and even relaxation.

Good luck in your weight loss journey to a happier & healthier life. Let’s Move!

-Innergy Staff

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