Travel Tips for the Holidays

All     by Matt House

The car is packed and your entire family is ready to visit grandma and grandpa for the holidays. Everyone is excited, but you have a long ride ahead of you. During any holiday time, more travelers will be on the road, so drivers need to be more vigilant to keep themselves and their passengers safe during their trip to and from their destinations.

Many travel tips involve common sense. For example, everyone knows texting and driving don’t mix; however, many states also have, or soon will have laws against using cellular phones without a hands-free device. Err on the safe side and don’t use your mobile phone while driving or have someone else in the vehicle answer a call.

In addition to paying attention to speed limits and obeying the rules of the road, make sure you don’t follow other vehicles too closely as you don’t know whether you’re following a distracted driver whose mind is not on the road. Pay particular attention to what is around you in work zones as construction personnel may be present. Lanes are often more narrow in these areas making it more difficult to drive.

Make sure your vehicle is in proper working order before you pull out of the driveway to avoid expensive repairs. Clean vehicle headlights and windows before you leave home to increase visibility on the road, both from inside the vehicle and to help other drivers see you at night. As soon as dusk starts to fall, make sure your headlights are on to increase visibility. Also put headlights on during dark, inclement daytime weather.

Frequent stops are important. Not only is stopping important to relieve distractions such as muscle cramps or hunger, drivers can also avoid hazards such as falling asleep at the wheel by pulling off the road at rest stops and taking a power nap if needed. You may not get to your destination as quickly, but you’ll get there in one piece!


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