College Students: Save Money Now!

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alissa Mir

pay-for-college-680x430College Budgeting is not easy. Regardless of your source of income, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges college costs can present. Thankfully there are resources to save your college bank account from the rapid decline and save you some extra spending money along the way.

Saving on food 
WalMart Savings Catcher is an app that allows you to scan your receipts after you make purchases at WalMart. Walmart then compares their prices with the prices of local competitors to make sure theirs are the lowest. If their prices aren’t the lowest, you get your money back on a WalMart Gift card!

Avoid a campus meal plan at all costs. Crockpot meals can be a college kids best investment. With a few quick ingredients you can have your meals prepped for almost the whole week.

Discounts at select stores for students
Student Rate is a site that complies cash back deals and discounts for students from all different types of stores in areas such as style, beauty, and wireless to name a few.

Smart Budgeting
Apps such as WellSpent and Mint help you track your spending to ensure that every dollar is well spent. Each app is personalized for you and allows you to create budgets for different types of expenses in your life such as groceries, car expenses, housing, while keeping your information safe and secure.

To help you track your spending, and fine tune your financial life even further, we have created a free financial organizer download. Check it out below!


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