Texting and Driving Documentary, ‘From One Second to the Next’

All, Auto, Living Adventures, Personal, Preferred Movement     by Matt House

As a part of AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ texting and driving campaign, a new 35-minute documentary titled ‘From One Second to the Next’ has been released. Directed by one of cinema’s most applauded documentarians Werner Herzog, this haunting and difficult documentary looks at the lives of four people who have been affected by texting and driving from both the perspectives of the victims and the guilty parties.

The results are beyond powerful, which is certainly what makes this such an important documentary, so I implore you all to take 35 minutes of your day to give this a watch. Then, be sure to share it with your friends and family, because you never know who might be the next person to fall victim to such a horrific tragedy.

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