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Tailgating Football Fans --- Image by © Don Mason/Corbis

Tailgating Football Fans — Image by © Don Mason/Corbis

High School, College, and Professional Football games bring about an atmosphere of unbridled excitement in the Autumn months. And what would these all-American events be without a good tailgate? This very popular pre-game tradition brings joy and excitement to many before the game even kicks off. In order to ensure an optimal tailgating experience, safety and preparation are imperative.

Food safety may perhaps be the most pressing priority for anyone looking to ensure a positive pre-game experience. After all, any worthwhile tailgate has at least some of the staples; steak, potatoes, hot dogs, and burgers!! In order to avoid cross-contamination or other bacterial issues regarding meats, it is important to thoroughly cook any meat that is being prepared prior to the tailgate at home. Once the food is properly prepared, storage in appropriate temperatures and sanitary containers is the most important factor in ensuring food safety.

Along with the usual suspects as far as food goes, many people enjoy having a few beverages during the pre-game tailgate. A safety tip on par with the importance of food safety would be to always have a designated driver. Additionally, tailgaters should have an ample supply of water and sun screen due to the likelihood of hot weather conditions prior to the game.

An important and somewhat over-looked facet of tailgate preparation is the need for comprehensive Ohio auto insurance covering potential damages that can be incurred during these social events. Individuals who enjoy a good tailgate should take care to make sure that the auto insurance plan that they purchase covers potential automobile damages that can be incurred during a tailgate.

With Football season now in full swing, there are few better weekend activities to enjoy than a good tailgate. When pertinent safety precautions meet with unique ideas and an optimistic sense of team spirit, a tailgate can be quite the unforgettable experience! 

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