Spring Landscaping Tips and Advice

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alex Uhlenhake
landscape-nature-sunset-trees-largeHello Spring! I hope everybody survived another cold winter. Warmer temperatures are in the forecast and I am excited to get started this year!
With Spring comes a busy season ahead of us. Bed-clean up, trimming, mulching, seeding, and planting to name a few. If you’re looking from landscaping services from us, please call ASAP to get things scheduled. When things get busy this spring it’s nice to know who needs things done with more than 5-6 weeks notice, especially in May/June.
With so much to do in spring and many questions of when the best time to complete these jobs, I broke up my landscape tips into months.These are all just recommendations and it is up to you of when/how to actually do these tasks. I have been getting a lot of good comments from people saying these tips have been very helpful. If you would like any more information about any of these tips, feel free to email me. I hope all of these help you get the most out of your landscape!
– Alex Uhlenhake​
  • Prune Knock-Out Roses down to 12″-24″. Trim ornamental grasses down to 3″-6″. Trim down dead from perennials.
  • Test your soil. Test your soil once every few years to make sure it has the proper pH balance and mix of nutrients.
  • Weed Control. Early Spring is a good time to apply pre-emergent weed control for weeds such as crabgrass. Also apply Weed Preventer to landscape beds.
  • Seed grass in new lawns or bare spots. April is the best time to begin growing new grass. Work soil/level soil, apply seed, apply fertilizer, apply light layer of straw, and water to keep soil moist.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs depending on soil tests. As new leaves emerge, plants are absorbing the most nutrients from the soil.
  • Install new trees and shrubs. April/May are the better months to install new landscapes before the summer heat.


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