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Quotes-for-causesCALL-Food-Pantry-logo CALL Ministries started a new ministry on September 1st of 2014 called the “Work 4” Program. This program allows Clients to review their inventory of large household items, such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, couches, love seats, etc. and commit to “Work 4” the item by completing the number of volunteer hours we place on the item. Once the Client has completed the number of hours agreed to, they then receive the item free of charge. This is the only program they have where the client has to do something to receive resources. CALL places the clients at various locations such as here at the Pantry, Mercer County Fairgrounds, etc. Since inception, Clients have “Worked 4”, fifty-three items volunteering over 353 hours completing numerous projects during this time.

This program allows the Clients to get needed items for their house and gives them self-esteem knowing they did something to receive the items instead of having it given to them. This Program also helps give the Clients skills to get jobs and they can use this Program on their resumes when applying for jobs.
For the entire month of August, Preferred Insurance will be donating $10 to CALL Food Pantry for EVERY quote! Help make a difference and request your quote today!
CLICK HERE to request your quote or call 419-678-2326!

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