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The Flocks of Pink Flamingos were marking 50 out of the 65 sales in town. Preferred Insurance and Donegal Insurance teamed up to donate $20 for each flock that was placed around town by the St. Henry Track & Field Team. Representatives from Preferred Insurance (Abby Timmerman and Amanda Kremer) presented the team with $1,000.00 check and $135.00 was also received in donations from the community.


They are very appreciative for the opportunity of this fundraiser and the support from the community. Thank you for all who hosted a flock of flamingos this year at the St. Henry Garage Sales!

Next Year, the St. Henry Community sales will be April 6th, 7th & 8th. Electronic copy of ad will be out March 27th, and a limited number of hard copies will be in area businesses on March 30th.