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Some pictures and a great little  story submitted by Jim Sowar:
During the Coldwater Centennial of 1938, my Dad played the role of David Buzzard -propped behind a counter of his General Store;  along with a couple of village  “loafers”  (LaMont Hoyng and Ivo Haslinger) .  One of the many skits that day Was:
Little Jimmy Sowar (I was 6 at the time) came into the store carrying a gallon bucket and said “My Mom wants me to get a dime’s worth of molasses”!   “A dime’s worth of molasses, Sonny?   OK” as Mr. Buzzard turns to his spicket .  Meanwhile Ivo and LaMont were griping about the weather or whatever.
“Well here you go Sonny – here’s your molasses, now how about that dime!”   “ MY MOM PUT THE DIME IN THE BUCKET” as little Jimmy grabs the bucket and runs out the front door!!!
(My Mother had me practice my lines for at least a week before the show!!!)
Jim Sowar 1938 Centenial Horse Jim Sowar 1938 Centenial Store