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We all would like to remember your loved ones who have died at our weddings, but we want to be able to do it in a way that won’t open old wounds. Here are some tasteful ways to honor those deceased loved ones:

At the reception.

  • wedding reception Having a photo table is one way.This is one of the most common ways of honoring loved ones who have passed nowadays.┬áSimply set up a table at the reception with pictures of your loved ones. It is a simple, yet classy way of acknowledging those who have passed.
  • Putting a tribute in your program or mentioning their names in a speech are also great ways to show your love for them.
  • Many people have candles set out, this can make a strong statement and can show that their loved one’s memory will “burn” for many years to come.
  • Leave a seat empty for them, marked with a bouquet or a loved possession of theirs.

During the wedding ceremony

  • wedding ceremonyTake “something borrowed” to a new level and wear her wedding dress, or something that they had given to you down the isle. Something as simple as a pair of their earrings or cuff links lets you honor them without anyone knowing unless you tell them!
  • Carry one of their possessions down the isle with you.
  • Wear their wedding ring along with your own.
  • Ask the person conducting the ceremony to have a moment of silence for your loved ones as well.

Honoring lost loved ones at a wedding is a delicate process. With the many options there are still a few questions you have to think about before you choose such as: “How long ago did the person die?” “How much attention do I want to draw to the tribute?” and “What is most appropriate for that person?” For more ideas and information about these topics feel free to look at the websites below.