Learn To Lead Week 2 Summary

All, Living Adventures     by Dan Muhlenkamp

The first week Dave Finchum warned us that sometime during this 10 week course we would each feel overwhelmed, but I didn’t think it would happen to me this fast! I’m bouncing back, but yesterday I thought I would never catch up.

Law #3: The Law of Process – Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day. This one I know is true and I didn’t think I was too bad at. The short of it is we all need a daily routine that helps us grow. Reading personal improvement books and articles daily, staying in shape (crap!), listening to podcasts and attending conferences all make a difference. The key though, is to do it day after day after day. A routine will change me, and event will change my day or week.

Law #3: The Law of Navigation – Anyone Can Steer the Ship, but It Takes a Leader to Chart the Course. This one really struck a nerve. I really need to plan a lot better and a lot of people can be harmed if I don’t.  The book tells the story of 2 men in a race to reach the South Pole. One was a planner, and one…not so much. The planner got 15 people to the South Pole and back alive and well. The poor planner ended up getting to the South Pole a month after the planner, and he died on the way back along with the other 4 people in his expedition.

Dave did a great job of explaining not just the importance of planning, but how to do it well. This one sent me reeling because I realized how many of my plans were either incomplete, or not really a plan at all.

I hope you’re reading along with us. Next are chapters 4 and 5 in the book. We also need to come up with a Personal Growth Plan.


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