Learn To Lead Summary Week 1

All, Living Adventures     by Dan Muhlenkamp

Thanks to everyone for participating in our the first of our 10 week Leadership Training course!  This week we covered the first 2 of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell: The Law of The Lid and The Law of Influence. I’m not going to attempt anything close to a full recap. Rather, I’m just going to share the main points I got out of each and share a helpful document or 2.

The Law of The Lid.

This law basically says that the total amount you can accomplished is capped by your leadership ability. I really had my eyes opened to how true this is. I realized I can work incredibly hard, but I am only one man. No matter how good I may be or how hard I work, there is a limit to what I can do. Perhaps worse is that I can literally work myself to death, and if I die without followers I will take my business with me to the grave.  Not good!

However, if I learn to lead (not push, bully or boss) others everything changes. Now a team of people pulling the wagon in the same direction will obviously accomplish much more, especially if they want to go the same places I’m going. Of course, not only will we accomplish more, but they can keep going when I am either no longer here or no longer able to lead them.

The Law of Influence

Leadership basically begins and ends with influence.  It really is that simple. You aren’t really leading if you aren’t influencing people, and influence is NOT manipulation. The ability to influence people through vision, organization , integrity and other factors is absolutely necessary to have followers, and if you don’t have followers, you aren’t a leader.

Homework & Attachment

The homework assignment was to complete the Leadership Analysis survey starting on page 269 of the book by John Maxwell The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. To make it a little easier, and so you can get a second opinion of your leadership ability from a few people who know you, I’ve made the survey available HERE. We also need to read the chapters about Laws 3 & 4 so we are prepared for next week.

Lastly, thanks again to our presenter – David Finchum of Finchum Consulting.




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