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Kylie Craft | Essential Oil Educator


By using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, I empower families to take charge of their healthcare by providing them natural solutions to everyday problems. The average adult comes in contact with over 500 chemicals daily, with 1 in 5 adults coming into contact with all top 7 carcinogenic compounds daily.

I started looking at things in my medicine and cleaning cabinets and knew there had to be a better way to keep my house clean, and take care of my kids. I began my journey with essential oils to do just that. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or are interested in learning more and joining my team. I am happy to be able to offer personal consultations to help you identify which essential oils can help you reinvent your own personal healthcare!





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Why I chose to encapsulate my placenta

While carrying Adler, I knew that breastfeeding was my only option. In my mind, it was going to be this awesome bonding experience, and I was going to be Wonder Woman, exclusively breastfeeding, being an awesome mom, working full time, DOING IT ALL. I had done all...

What is Coconut Oil

What is Coconut oil? Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the meat of coconuts harvested from coconut trees. It is high is saturated fat content, and is slow to oxidize allowing it to last up to six months without spoiling. The world produces about 5.4 million...

Whole What? – The 30 Day Detox that’s Taking Over

Time after time I keep seeing the phrase "Whole 30" pop up on my google search, Facebook, and Pinterest. I knew it was a digestive reset, but it peaked my interest enough to do a bit more digging. And what better time than the new year?! The "Whole 30" is a...

Facts about essential oils | Kylie Craft, Essential Oil Educator

As essential oils become a little more mainstream, I thought it best that I put factual, reliable information out there to make opinions off of. There are so many places to find information on the internet, but I've done the research and fact finding for you! 1. So,...