just say NO! | National Simplify Your Life Week

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld

just-say-noYou might be someone who is always willing to help others out–and that’s a great thing! But sometimes you need to help yourself out first. So while your friends and family are very important to you, it’s about saying “no” to friends and family. While they contribute greatly to your quality of life, it’s easy to overextend yourself trying to be helpful. You know those days when you only have ten minutes between five scheduled events and then your mother-in-law asks you to drop by to mow her yard? Say no, but maybe suggest doing it a different day when you aren’t that busy.

The reality, however, is that it’s always easy to be a “yes” person until the time you can’t take it. That’s when all the stress misery starts and it only continues the more time you waste on things that just don’t matter.

Stop it right now by saying “NO” then next time someone asks you to do something that just doesn’t fit in with your life goals. It will get easier, and the guilt will gradually go away.

An honest “no” will take you further than a superficial “yes”.

Do you say “no” when you want to? How has it helped you?


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