Life Lesson Of Juggling!

All, Living Adventures, Personal, Preferred Movement     by Dan Muhlenkamp

My nephew Craig Muhlenkamp and his buddy Danny Schneibel are fantastic jugglers.  They can juggle and talk and ride unicycles and run and jump….all at the same time.  Their shows are great.

They also can juggle a lot of different items.  I’ve seen Craig juggle everything from tennis balls, to bowling balls, to folding chairs, to flamingos, to the “rat traps of death”.  But it dawned on me the other day that I think he always juggles 3 of everything.  I may have seen him juggle more once in a while, but VERY seldom.  Suddenly the Life Lesson of Juggling hit me right in the face.  And man, did I need this lesson..

I’m guessing if Craig tries to juggle more and more items at the same time he will be faced with a decision.  He will either need to stop juggling one item to pick up another, or he can try to just juggle more items but will likely start dropping them and perhaps end up dropping them all.

Now I’m a busy guy and in the last 2 years I’ve kept taking on more and more projects and responsibilities.  I’ve even been told I’m good at keeping “a lot of balls in the air”.  But I’ve been wrong to keep taking on all those projects.  I realize I’ve dropped a few balls and if I keep this up I might drop them all.

How many of you are in the same boat?  If you even think for one minute that you are, lets all do what I’m determined to do this week:  I’m going to decide what “balls” I truly can keep in the air and do a good job with those projects.  Then I’m going to let someone else pickup the projects I just can’t juggle anymore.  And from now on when someone comes to me with another ball they want me to juggle, I’m going to see what current project is either ending, or I’m willing to put down before I tell them yes.  None of us can afford to “drop everything” we are juggling.

Now, Lord help me be wise about what projects to keep juggling, and what projects to put down.


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