John Maxwell Week 5 : The Law of Connection and The Law of Magnetism

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John Maxwell Week 5 : The Law of Connection and The Law of Magnetism

In this session of the John Maxwell training, we went over laws nine and ten, The Law of Connection and The Law of Magnetism. This class was probably my favorite so far. We dove right in this week to the discussion of why magnetism and connection were important in the role of leadership along with discussing those in power who exhibit these traits.

The Law of Magnetism started with the phrase: “who you are is who you attract,” meaning that the people who are drawn to you are most likely similar to you in some way or another. The immediate thought is how different we are from one another but when you pull everything away, we are more alike than we think. We attract people with similar attitudes, values, background and even generation. If you look at the core group of people who surround you after hearing these, there are probably quite a few similarities and we actually seek them out in others without even knowing it.

To me, I did find this to be a little alarming. I really do enjoy the differences in people and have always had a really hard time connecting to people because of background but did definitely notice that the people I choose to surround myself with have very similar values, energy, and attitudes. I always like to surround myself with people who are positive and have high energy. We at Preferred see this applied pretty regularly because we are reminded that we are not Eeyores, we are Tiggers! So even though we all might come from different generations and backgrounds, we do all relate on energy, values and attitude. Try and apply it to your life today and check how many qualities you and your core group share, you’ll likely be surprised!

In the tenth law, The Law of Connection, we discussed what makes a person able to connect and it is simply being able to relate to many people. The quote of the chapter was “leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” I found this very appropriate as we discussed world leaders who show connection with their constituents, we are able to feel what they are conveying and feel the connection they are trying to make. One example was Ronald Reagan, I am a little too young to remember his presidency but in watching some videos of his speeches, you are unable to tell whether he was talking to one person or 500 people which is truly remarkable. Connecting is a trait that can be hard to teach, but once you realize it is just empathy, it is easy to show to others.

As I said, this session was likely my favorite so far because it really got to the core of who we are as people. These traits translate into personal life seamlessly just by being a “good person.” Whatever that means to you, it is likely because you realize that connecting with people you admire and surrounding yourself with people who will help you better yourself is important in the eyes of interpersonal-communications. It truly is very easily put into practice which would increase the value you could add to other people’s lives as well! Next week, we will be discussing The Law of the Inner Circle and The Law of Empowerment.



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