John Maxwell Training: Week Three – Addition and Solid Ground

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John Maxwell Training: Week Three – Addition and Solid Ground

When these trainings were first offered here at Preferred, I have to admit that I was just a little skeptical. I had always considered myself to be pretty straight forward and able to have plan on how to advance myself. Well, these classes have hit me like a ton of bricks! I never thought I would be able to learn so much about myself and how to implement a few easy to follow steps to assist in my professional AND personal life.

Now first, I am always one to give credit where credit is do, and Dave Finchum deserves quite a bit of credit! We at the office have had the pleasure of knowing Dave before he has offered these classes and were so excited to follow him on this journey. I am positive that nobody has regretted it yet. Not only are we getting the skills, but we are getting them from a  teacher with some amazing examples on how to practice them everyday. In this most recent class, we went over law #5: The Law of Addition, and law #6: The Law of Solid Ground.

The Law of Addition was really insightful, simply asking: What can you do to add to another’s life? Sounds really simple, until you think about how massive a LIFE is. No one had ever asked what I could contribute to someone’s life before that moment. After that, it really becomes simple math. What we do to empower those around us makes people want to follow, which in turn creates success for all. People notice respect, and how you are able to add value to their life as well. A successful leader wants those around them to be successful as well. Selfishness is not a value of a good leader as it is not-selfish to want others to succeed. It would take one out of their comfort zone to increase the value of others. You can see how this “simple” topic can become complicated very quickly!

The sixth law, The Law of Solid Ground, was all about trust. Another simple concept in theory, but have you ever thought of how important it is for people to trust you when you are considered a leader? Well it is the foundation of good leadership. When people are unable to trust you, they are very unlikely to follow you. We also learned a lot about character. Some of us have heard the phrase, “your reputation precedes you,” meaning who you are as a person is not easy to hide from others. Your character will live on long after you, and that can seem like a heavy responsibility but consistently improving can increase your leadership ability as well as interpersonal relationships. The most powerful thing I heard in this class was  a quote by J.R. Miller: “ The only thing that walks back from the tomb with the mourners and refuses to be buried is the character of a man. This is true. What a man is survives him. It can never be buried.”

Dave, being the generous person that he is, is also giving us personal tips that can help us in our personal and professional lives as well. This week, was Time Management. I can hear all the gasps! This is a topic I know myself and many others have problems with at times. He gave some simple tips such as: start the day off right, know your priorities, block out interruptions, but the one I had never thought of was… lose the urgency! Why would that have anything to do with time management?! Well, when everything is urgent all the time, one of the other steps isn’t being followed correctly. It’s time to sit down and set out clear goals and a plan to get there.

As I said earlier, the information comes down like a ton of bricks but in the most inspiring way. These classes have inspired me to set goals, both professional and personal, and start to formulate a plan on how to achieve them. At first I wondered what was going to come of these classes, and now, I can’t wait to find out what we are going to hear in the upcoming sessions. I know that I personally needed the jump start and am so grateful for the opportunity to learn these laws. Next week, we will be going over laws number seven, The Law of Respect, and number eight,The Law of Intuition.


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