John Maxwell Training Week 6 – The Laws of Inner Circle and Empowerment

All, Living Adventures     by Dan Muhlenkamp

John Maxwell – Week Six

This session covers laws 11 and 12, The Law of the Inner Circle and  The Law of Empowerment. These laws really went well together since we try to surround ourselves with a strong circle of people that will empower us to be our best version of ourselves.  We looked at the qualities that makes a person qualified to be in our own inner circles and how we had the power to help someone find their own strengths to be great leader themselves.

The Law of the Inner Circle started out by discussing how the potential of a person is measured by those people that surround them. “No one ever does anything great alone” was the quote that stood out. The people we surround ourselves with should be contributing something valuable to the group, as well as helping us better ourselves. Discussing the traits we should be on the lookout for made me look at the people that I choose to surround myself with. We are all different in our own ways, but we all want the best for each other and are not afraid to point out when something isn’t working. Group dynamics can sometimes be difficult to come across but they are necessary in a good group to continue to build a solid foundation for growth.

The part I found most interesting was how we don’t have only one inner circle, we find ourselves to be in them as well. You can create your own inner circle but could also belong to quite a few. It made me really ask what I was contributing to the circles I find myself in. Am I contributing to their growth? Do I make myself available to them when needed? And also, do I ask the same of the people I choose to be in my circle? Remember again, we are who we surround ourselves with.

In The Law of Empowerment, we discussed how we are empowered by those we respect and end up becoming the catalyst to empower the next generation. We all have a mentor or someone in our business life that we admired. When asked why it is that we admired them, the law of empowerment becomes evident. Everyone that I came across in my younger working days that I looked up to was giving me the skills I needed to become the best version of myself and they did it selflessly. That is the key, being able to pass your skills down without fear. The barriers to empowerment were not wanting to lose your job, resistance to change and lack of self worth.

These laws continued the trend of questioning myself on the areas I need to improve upon but also what I could look for in the people I surround myself with to make me the best version I can be. It made me thankful for the previous employers who wanted to empower me and gave me the skills I use everyday. In the next session, we will be discussing laws 13 The Law of the Picture, and 14 The Law of Buy-In.


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