Is your credit score affected by insurance inquiries? | Ohio Insurance

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car 3 image, Ohio Auto InsuranceYou’re on the phone with your new Ohio insurance agent, and hoping that you can save some serious cash, when it happens… they check your credit score! Great. Now your credit score has taken a hit because you were looking to get better coverage and to save some money. Why should you be penalized every time someone takes a look at your credit score?

Well, as awful as that all sounds, having your credit score looked at by an Ohio insurance agency is actually not as bad as you might think, and that’s because the insurance carrier only requires a “soft” inquiry. While a hard inquiry can make a small dent in your credit score, a soft inquiry does absolutely nothing. So if you came here to find out if your credit score is affected by an insurance inquiry, then the answer is no!

If you’d like a more detailed answer to this question, please feel free to check out this great video that we put together!

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