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Keeping Your Finances Under Control

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My Financial Organizer

  • Keep track of what you owe, own, and your budget
  • Template to help you efficiently budget
  • Calculations done for you.

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Impact Of A Disability Tool

If you haven't thought about being disabled, perhaps you should. This is just a few simple questions to guide you along the way. When you want a little more information, call to set an appointment with one of our planners, or attend a workshop, or both!   “Life...

Life Goals and Needs Planning Tool

This should give you a great idea where you are and where you need to be. Check it out, but it's only the start. Let us help you get the safely. Make an appointment with one of our planners, or attend a workshop, or both! “Life Financial Road Trip Planning - Either...

6 Perks of Picking an Agency for Ohio Insurance

To buy Ohio insurance online or from an insurance agency? Is it easy to find Ohio insurance online? Absolutely. Is it easy to purchase insurance online? Most likely. With these two questions answered, why would you pick an Ohio insurance agency? We understand that...

Getting Preapproved Prior to Car Shopping?

Get Preapproved = Save Money!
Dynamic Federal Credit Union offers a .25% rate reduction on our interest rates for preapproval. We want our borrowers to be informed before they head to a car dealership. We look up NADA values to educate borrowers on the vehicle’s value to ensure the vehicle is priced properly. In addition, we work up monthly payments so the borrower knows what to expect for a payment on their new vehicle.

5 Great Ideas to get Your Budget in Gear.

Budgets are the best way to keep your money in check (pun intended!) Everyone needs a good budget to make sure they don't accidentally recklessly spend their money. Sadly, most people hate keeping up with their budget. Here are five tips to make your budget easy. Have...

College Students: Save Money Now!

College Budgeting is not easy. Regardless of your source of income, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges college costs can present. Thankfully there are resources to save your college bank account from the rapid decline and save you some extra...