Is my basement protected by a flood insurance policy?

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What IS covered in a flood policy written with a basement? | Ohio Insurance

Ohio Flood Insurance Policy | Ohio Insurance

A common question heard at the agency is whether or not basements and the contents within are covered by a flood policy. The unfortunate truth of the matter is not necessarily, and this is due to the high risk that a basement will flood because it is low grade. That leaves us with the question: what IS covered in an Ohio insurance flood policy written with a basement?

Under building property coverage, anything that is physically attached to the home would be covered, including attached staircases, foundation walls, central air conditioners, electrical outlets, circuit breaker boxes, water tanks and pumps, furnaces, hot water heaters, dry wall (excluding mud, tape, or paint to finish it), and sump pumps.

If the homeowner possess personal property coverage, then items such as washers and dryers, deep freezers, and portable or window air conditioners would be covered. However, this leaves items such as carpeting/floor coverings, built-in storage, furniture, and most personal property (clothing and electronic equipment) vulnerable, as they are not covered under a flood insurance policy.

We hope that this helps you get a realistic and clear idea of what is actually covered in your flood policy; however, if you still feel a little unsure, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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