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Shelby Ranly iPad Winner

And The Winner is:  Shelby Ranly!

Shelby happens to by my niece, but I assure you, it was all fair and square!  Shelby also was one of the people who took the time to find the special 100 entry form, so her work paid off.  Thanks everyone for participating and keep watching for the next contest.  It won’t be far behind.



——Original Contest Post Below——

Ipad MiniJoin #PreferredMovement, and you are entered to win an iPad Mini.  It really is that simple.  No purchase, no obligations, just a lot of fun, good news and inspiration.  Everyone who joins the movement by July 15, 2014 (Hurry!) is entered to win the Ipad Mini.

If You REALLY want to win:pm error

There is one special icon with a link to a special page that will give you 100 entries instead of just one.  The icon is our shield with the flamingo in the background (like the one on this page).  The thing is, our website has more than 1 of these on it but only one is linked to this special form.  But if you find this special form, your chances of winning go up dramatically.

What to do next?

First, get your single entry by clicking here .  Once you get your first entry, spend a little time on our new website and try to find that special icon that will give you those 100 entries.