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Preferred Insurance Center is Your Ohio Home Insurance Specialist

Imagine the unthinkable happens – you left the house with the stove top on and returned to your house in flames. First, when that happens you are going to lose things you can’t replace at any price.  Pictures, videos, letters, birthday cards, school projects you kept are all gone. Unfortunately, no amount of money or Ohio home insurance can bring these priceless items back.  However, with the right home insurance and the right people, can keep this nightmare from lasting forever.

We care enough to cover you right, and we have the
companies and resources to do it at a fantastic price.

We’re a small agency in a small town and we treat you like a neighbor. We do more than just sell you a policy, we make a difference.

  • We care enough to cover you right, and we have the companies and resources to do it at a fantastic price.
  • For every policy we quote we donate $10 to charity, whether you buy or not.
  • Have raised over $75,000 for charity.
  • Our owner’s cell phone numbers are on the claims page.  That’s 24/7 service.

Get an Ohio Home Insurance Quote from the people that are making a difference right now! 

The Truth About Home Disasters 

Just imagine this happening to your house >

F4_tornado_damage_example When you think about Ohio home or renters insurance, you probably think about the bill.  But stop a minute and consider the last news story about a tornado you saw. Remember seeing the foundations of houses, but no houses?  Or remember that one where the fire is coming through the roof of a home and water from fire hoses is coming down like rain?

Preferred Insurance Center can get you quotes from up to 10 different insurance companies in just one phone call.  We will ask the questions and give you the answers to make sure the coverage you decide on is right for you, and at the best possible price.

What’s that Umbrella Policy all about?

If you have completed an account review with one of our customer service agents, you have probably heard us ask you about umbrella policies. If this is the first time you’re hearing the term, allow me to explain. An umbrella policy is one that provides...

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There is a coverage on both Ohio Home and Auto insurance policies that might go a little unnoticed of course until it’s necessary. That coverage is known as Medical Payments. The way that the Cincinnati Insurance Board defines the purpose of Medical Payments Coverage...

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We are often asked here at Preferred Insurance Center about the difference in Ohio insurance deductibles and are asked how to choose. The best way to explain a deductible has been asking our insured how much of the damage they would be willing to “absorb.” When we ask...

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There is a new trend in insurance that you might find quite surprising! Would you guess that home ownership is at it’s lowest level in 50 years? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, homeowners have decreased by 22,000 while renters have increased by nearly 1 million,...