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Preferred Insurance Center is Your Ohio Auto Insurance Specialist

We have contracted with a lot of great companies so we can do your shopping for you. Some are national, like Safeco, Travelers and Progressive, and some are more regional like Westfield, Donegal and Auto-Owners.  The great thing is we usually can just gather your information once. In return give you Ohio auto insurance quotes from 6 to 8 different companies.

We’re a small agency in a small town and we treat you like a neighbor. We do more than just sell you a policy, we make a difference.

  • We care enough to cover you right, and we have the companies and resources to do it at a fantastic price.
  • Donating $10 to charity every time we give a quote, whether you buy or not.
  • Have raised over $100,000 for charity.
  • Our owner’s cell phone numbers are on the claims page.  That’s 24/7 service.

Minimum Ohio Auto Insurance At Minimum Rates, Really Safe?

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Why minimum coverage may not be enough >

Geico: “Save 15% or more in just 15 minutes.”

Esurance: “15 minutes for a quote is crazy. With Esurance, 7-and-a-half minutes could save you on car insurance. Welcome to the modern world.”

SafeAuto: “Minimum coverage at minimum price”

auto accident ambulance fire trucksImagine you are in a serious accident.  Ambulances and sirens everywhere.  People are hurt bad…and the lawyers will be calling.  All that separates you from losing your home, your savings, your retirement, and even your future paychecks, is your Ohio auto insurance.

  • Do you really want to trust your financial future to 7 minutes on the phone with a nameless sales person who can only give you rates from one company?
  • Do you really think that Ohio state minimum auto insurance requirements will be enough?

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