How To: Not Have Vacation Brain

All     by Andrew Kremer

We have all done it at some point. We leave for vacation on Friday but we mentally left the office the Monday before. This is why having a plan and working your plan makes all the difference. I know it’s exciting to look at activities in the area you are going, but is it productive at the office? “But I have to pack and get my stuff ready to leave in the evening.” “I don’t have time to research when I get home.”

There are three easy ways to avoid this:

  • Get up!!!! Wake up an hour earlier to research things you want to do

  • Set a specific time to look in the evening regardless of what you have going on.

  • Plan your day the night before and you will be able to find time for all the things you need to accomplish. Make tasks and set deadlines. You will get it all done and be able to relax more while you are gone.

  • Happy Vacation!


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