How to Maintain the Carpet in your Home

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Sue Puthoff

CleanCarpetKnowing how to clean your carpet is the secret to making it long lasting. The more you vacuum your carpet, the better. Make sure if you purchase any of the new carpets containing silk, that you have a vacuum cleaner with a height adjustment to it, or it will not glide over the carpet. Regular vacuuming will extract any dirt, hair, & soil that causes carpet fibers to rub together and break down over time. It also fluffs the fabrics up, to keep the carpet looking nice. Most people do not realize that any carpet warranties are “null & void” if you do not have receipts verifying that you have had your carpet cleaned PROFESSIONALLY every 12-18 months. It is always best to have your carpet steam cleaned, as shampoos contain oils, & oils will attract soil like a magnet if not rinsed out fully. If you have any spills or accidents on your carpet, it is always best to dilute them with hot water only and extract the water by placing a folded bath towel on it and placing a heavy object on it, to draw the water up & out. Once again, most carpet stain removers (like Resolve) contain soap, as you will notice because they foam up as you spray them on, and will appear to remove the stain initially…then it reappears as if you just did not get it out… You probably did, however you just shot soap in the carpet; & as it dries, it is in your carpet fibers, & as dirty feet are walking over it again, it is attracting the dirt in that area….Therefore, water is the best fix, & if that doesn’t work, there are soap-free spot removers available.

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