Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

All, Employee Benefits, Personal, Preferred Movement     by Matt House

During the holiday season it seems that every event and every gathering involves food. Even many workplace settings have displays of holiday snacks sitting around for employees. Obviously, not all of the food that tempts you during the holidays falls into the healthy food category. Therefore, before the holidays arrive, it’s good to prepare an eating strategy that will prevent weight gain and enable you to stick with your healthy eating regimen.

Don’t skip meals. Keep your usual healthy eating routine, but reduce the amount slightly if you are planning to attend a luncheon, dinner or evening party. Never arrive at a holiday party hungry, even if you have to grab a quick, healthy snack as you leave home and eat it on the way to the party.

When you attend a pot luck event, take a healthy dish that you love. Then you’ll be sure to have at least one healthy food choice. Be conservative with the amount of food you eat at a buffet. If you have options, choose a small plate for a buffet meal. Select the healthiest options available and don’t go back for seconds.

Parties and holiday events are not the only opportunity you have to veer off the healthy eating track. A trip to the mall offers intense temptations. All of the wonderful aromas and beautiful food displays are hard to resist. It’s the holidays, go ahead and indulge in a small treat at a coffee shop or bakery while you’re shopping. Just be sure to keep it small and don’t buy sweet treats to take home.

During the holidays, a trip to the grocery store also exposes you to more than the average amount of unhealthy food options. On the other hand, if you shop in the right areas, such as the produce department, you can find some wonderful seasonal produce to indulge in without guilt. There’s lots of beautiful, delicious fruit available around the holidays.


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