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Bring on the wedding bliss!

So many changes and so much to do.  It’s going to be wonderful.  We hope everyone who joins can exchange ideas, advice, and some fun (or funny) “stuff”.  And remember, you’re planning more than a wedding, you’re planning a life.

Below, you will discover discounts & coupons, local vendors, advice and much more! Go ahead and dive in, we promise you will not be disappointed!  Happy planning!


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My Preferred Life Wedding Planner

This total planner is designed to help you stay organized right through the honeymoon.  It starts out with a to do list page, followed by many different sheets to track essentials like the budget, guestlist, photographer, etc. One of the last sheet gives a sample wedding day schedule.

Share this with your fiance and family to coordinate and plan your big day!

Download MPL Wedding Planner!


DiscountsCoupons and discounts that are only accessible to My Preferred Life members. You will not be able to find these deals anywhere else! Get Coupons & Discounts

contactEver feel like you have a big task on hand but don’t know where to start? Our Preferred Partners that are here to make sure your wedding is a bliss!

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Who can’t use a little more fun?  Maybe it’s just a video or picture another member shared, or maybe it’s a wine and cake tasting.

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Are you covered under your roommate’s Renters Policy?

3 Things you should know about renters insurance! Ohio Insurance. These days, young people are waiting longer to get married and in an effort to get out of mom and dad’s while still saving money, move into a house or apartment with a roommate or few people. This is a...

Love Is In The Details

Weddings, first and foremost, are personal events. This is why many soon-to-wed couples make sure that their weddings are very personalized, incorporating bits and pieces of themselves that reflect who they are and, in a way, tell their story. “Our philosophy is that...

Pros of shopping small town for your wedding!

group-she said yes
Why choose a bridal or tux shop over internet shopping? The internet is pretty enticing with all of their ‘free shipping”, “ sales”, and “no sales tax” promotions! Plus, trying to coordinate a date and time when the entire bridal party can choose, agree, and get measured on what cool dresses and tuxes they’re going to wear is quite the task.

Brides & grooms are all super busy, then enter the convenience of online shopping, especially in a rural areas. It’s perfect and convenient for odds and ends and unique items that can’t be found locally. What would we do without a last minute overnight order from Zappos or amazon.com?

A Wedding Dance to Remember!

Every bride and groom will ask themselves these questions…What will people remember most about our wedding? How can our wedding stand out from the 15 other weddings that people will attend this year? Everyone is always looking for a way to make their wedding unique....

10 Ways to Fine-tune your Financial Life

  1. Combine your home and auto insurance 2. Discuss combining your banking accounts, or keeping them separate 3. Discuss debt (credit card, car loans, mortgage, student loans) 4. Set aside an emergency fund 5. Merge your lifestyles 6. Get life insurance 7. Set a...