Finding the Perfect Florist

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12114479475_58fd26953e_zFinding the perfect wedding florist is so much more than finding the cheapest vendor, picking a flower and color, and calling it a day. Florists are like hairdressers in the sense that each has their own personality, style, and form of communication… and you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong one.

Here are a few tips on finding the right florist and working with them to create everything you could have imagined and more for your wedding day.

Keep your options open
The best way to be certain that you are choosing the right florist for your wedding is to allow yourself a variety to choose from. Invest your time in meeting with a few different florists to compare styles, prices, and personalities. On average, most couples meet with at least three florists.

Don’t know where to start looking?
The manager at your reception site can most likely recommend reliable and talented people. Think about friends or family members who have recently been married as well. Have you been to any weddings recently where you were particularly impressed with the flower arrangements? Another source for referrals may be your house of worship.

Before you meet potential florists:
Know your Budget
Have an idea of much you are willing to allocate towards flowers. Of course there is always room for discussion and change, but having an idea will allow the florist to provide you with options. A general amount to spend on flowers is around 3 percent of your total budget.
Know your Numbers
It is important to know how many people in both your wedding party and family will need flowers. You should also know how many guests will be in attendance.
Have a style in mind
The talented florists you meet with are visionaries who are there to provide you with ideas you wouldn’t think of yourself. Their job becomes much easier when they have an idea of what you want. Have an idea of the style you want for your wedding. Come prepared with pictures and colors that you have in mind. If the florist can actually see the ideas you are harboring, the process will be much easier.

Keep in mind
You don’t need to know right off the bat the exact type of flowers you want, and all the details that flower arrangements entail. Florists exists to make your wedding breathtaking and they have experience and knowledge in what will work and look good. Seek out a florists that you feel you communicate easily with and whom you feel you can trust based on their ideas and previous work. The rest will fall into place.

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