Early Spring Landscaping To-Do List

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alex Uhlenhake

Spring is getting an early jump start this year so get a head start on your “Early Spring Landscaping To-Do List” this year! Here are a few things to do to prepare for spring:

1. Dormant Prune any trees or shrubs
that are getting to big in your landscape. Structural prune young trees to encourage proper growth. March is the best time before the new leaves come out. Don’t take off no more than 1/3 of a plant at one time. Evergreens should be left alone.
2. Clean-Up your landscape beds and lawn from any leaves from last fall.
3. Apply Crabgrass preventer with fertilizer on your lawns. This will help jump start your grass and keep away unwanted weeds.
4. Spread weed preventer in your beds & gravel areas such as Preen. This helps reduce spraying for weeds in the future.
5. Prune Knock-Out Roses and Hydrangeas down to 12″-24″. Trim ornamental grasses down to 4″-6″. Trim down dead from perennials.
6. Uncover any plants that were mulched in last fall before winter. Such plants include roses, hydrangeas, and perennials.

Call to let us know if you any help with these projects! 419-953-1238.

We are also happy to announce that we are now proud to be a new member of the Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce! We are now accepting chamber gift certificates!


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