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Dynamic Federal Credit Union

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A credit union is a non-profit financial co-operative. When a person joins a credit union he or she becomes a member. Not a customer. Members – not outside investors – pool their savings, lend money to one another, elect officers (Board of Directors), decide key issues, and provide other financial services in a cooperative relationship.

Dynamic Federal Credit Union (DFCU) was chartered in 1950 as Celina Reynoco Employees Federal Credit Union to serve the employees of Reynolds & Reynolds, Celina, Ohio. The credit union was located within the core group facility. In 1996 the Board of Directors began researching ways to extend the credit union’s services to the community. The first step taken was to look at ways to expand services to our current members. Secondly, research was on going to locate a second site and a name change was in order.

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Buying a home but don’t have much of a down payment? No worries!

The FHA mortgage is the perfect mortgage for those buyers that do not have a lot of money for a down payment on the purchase of a new home.  The minimum down payment required for an FHA loan is 3.5% of the purchase price. The closing costs will also need to be paid by...

0% is Pretty Enticing for an Auto Loan, is it really worth it?!

As a loan officer, I often hear from our members that the dealership offered 0% financing on their new vehicle loan. Well, 0% sounds pretty darn good, and it is definitely a rate Dynamic FCU cannot beat. However, with vehicle rates so low,  it may be worth doing some...

Preapproval for Home Shopping is Recommended!

Start off on the right foot! Loan officers and realtors love when borrowers first meet with their lender and discuss the options available to them for purchasing a home.  By speaking with your lender first, borrowers are able to make sure they are financially ready to...

Getting Preapproved Prior to Car Shopping?

Get Preapproved = Save Money!
Dynamic Federal Credit Union offers a .25% rate reduction on our interest rates for preapproval. We want our borrowers to be informed before they head to a car dealership. We look up NADA values to educate borrowers on the vehicle’s value to ensure the vehicle is priced properly. In addition, we work up monthly payments so the borrower knows what to expect for a payment on their new vehicle.

New Homebuyers Grant Available!

Dynamic Federal Credit Union is currently offering the $5,000 Welcome Home Grant. This $5,000 grant through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati is an income based grant that is available to homebuyers to assist with their down payment and/or closing costs. ...

Best Ways to Protect Your Car From the Cold

According to a Consumer Reports article from January 2015, these 5 tips will prevent the cold temperatures from wreaking havoc on your car. 1. Keep the battery in good shape Your car battery is your vehicle’s livelihood – without it, your car’s starting, lighting, and...