Dormant Season

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salad-water-garden-plant-largeDormant seeding describes the distribution of seeds during a period outside the normal growing season, so that the seeds will be in place and ready to germinate when conditions allow. Ideally, the weather is persistently cold, to prevent premature germination. In Ohio, dormant seeding is done by seeding into a prepared soil after soil temperatures have cooled below 40 degrees F, so the seed will not germinate until spring 2016.
Research on dormant seeding practices has revealed the following advantages:

* Soils are generally drier & easier to work during winter than in spring, especially native soils
(silt clay loams).

* There is more workforce time now than in spring

* Dormant seeding requires less irrigation than spring or summer seedings. However, seeds will
dry out if there is no winter precipitation at all.

* Dormant seeding requires less robust weed and disease control strategies.

* Dormant seed can emerge up to 15 days earlier than conventional spring-seed

Dormant pruning:
Trees & shrubs are healthiest when maintained during dormant ­season, before new growth
begins next spring. Pruning after the onset of new growth can limit the plant’s bloom potential
for the year. Dormant pruning pulls double duty by causing less stress on trees, and allowing for
robust new growth in plants that bloom in the spring and summer.

Small investments in your trees & shrubs make a big difference. Dormant pruning pays off when
spring rolls around. By working with our clients to maintain healthy trees and shrubs, we are
committed to providing consistent pruning services during the optimal dormant period.

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