Craft day at Mercer County House of Hope

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld

House of hopeAt House of Hope they provide a stable environment safe from drugs and alcohol, a daily recovery model to assist individuals in achieving long-term sobriety and independent living, as well as, utilizing best practices and faith based principles to heal an individual’s addiction. They understand that addiction is both -chronic and progressive- and impacts not only the addict or alcoholic but every aspect of their life. House of Hope considers recovery to be a choice and challenge individuals to “choose recovery just for today” as an alternative to incarceration, institutions or ultimately death. They strive to guide each individual, their family and the community throughout the recovery process with the goal of living abundant lives- free from addiction.

House of Hope has two residents moved into the house! They are still in need of volunteers for chaperoning at the home, driving, activities, ect.

Last Saturday, some of us at Preferred Insurance spent the afternoon with the two residents doing a string art project. Nails and hammers were flying – needless to say it wasn’t a quiet afternoon! 🙂 Everyone enjoyed themselves!

If you are interested in helping out the Mercer County House of Hope in any way please visit their website for more information!


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