Coldwater Library Summer Reading Program Winners

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Winners Pictures Below

The summer reading program at the Coldwater Library is always a big hit and Preferred Insurance is glad to be a part of it.  I was going to try to explain what it is, but Georgia at the library sent me an email, and I really can’t say it better than she did!  #PreferredMovement



Kids were really excited about the program. We had 246 register (211 in the first week). Of course not everyone who registers actually follows through and finishes the program. There were 125 who completed their goal (which they decided on when they registered) and turned in their reading logs by the due date. I’m sure there were many more who participated, but just never turned in their reading log. Those 125 who completed, read 4498 books.  This is almost 500 more than last year. I think the program definitely serves a purpose for the children of our community

I think the most excitement came from finding Dr. Fizz exploring around Coldwater. (Last year it was a Gnome on the Roam–I think he was in Preferred’s window). It’s basically like a scavenger hunt to see what businesses have the picture on display. This has turned into a family event since I started doing it about 4 years ago.

Since the theme was science related, we asked the kids to build a robot—if they wanted to.  There were 29 robots brought in and displayed in the front lobby for the picnic weekend.

I also asked any child who read a book that they thought was great to write a short review about why they liked it.  We had 12 of them.

I also had various small do on your own games inside the library. I tried to have a variety of things for kids to participate in, knowing that not everyone has that same interests.

Sorry, but I can’t recall any specific comments. The whole summer seems like a blur. A staff member did email me while I was on vacation that a grandmother said she had a dream about searching for Dr. Fizz around town.

I know this is probably more than you wanted to know. I guess I did get excited about the program too.

Let me know if you want any more information. I’ll try not to be so windy.



And The Winners Are!


Parker Seitz Summer Reading Program Winner

Parker Seitz

Coldwater Library summer reading program winner Kate Hemmelgarn

Kate Hemmelgarn

Evan Winner Summer Reading Program Winner

Evan Winner

Dana Zahn Summer Reading Program Winner

Dana Zahn

Allie Moeller Summer Reading Program Winner

Allie Moeller

Summer Reading Program Winner

Will Wehrkamp

Summer Reading Program Winner

Ryan Mathewson

Summer Reading Program Winner

Abby Will




Summer Reading Program Winner Aven Kahlig

Aven Kahlig

Summer Reading Program Winner

Emily Riffel

Summer Reading Program Winner

Rachel Schroyer

Summer Reading Program Winner

Haylee Harlinng

Summer Reading Program Winner

Kelsey Brandon


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