Best Ways to Protect Your Car From the Cold

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld

According to a Consumer Reports article from January 2015, these 5 tips will prevent the cold temperatures from wreaking havoc on your car.

Protect your car from the cold

1. Keep the battery in good shape
Your car battery is your vehicle’s livelihood – without it, your car’s starting, lighting, and ignition powers are kaput. Most batteries last between three and five years, but extreme cold can freeze your battery “like a stone,”. Capuano, a mechanic at Putnam Lane Auto Repair in Worcester, said your battery is the most important part of your car to protect in this weather.

2. Replace the wiper blades
When it’s very cold, your wipers can freeze and crack. One way to avoid this is to pull your wipers off the windshield when your car isn’t running: “It’s cheap insurance.”

3. Take care of the engine
The oil in your engine has very thick viscosity like “maple syrup”. When it’s cold, your oil thickens even more, and if you don’t warm your engine long enough to get oil to all the moving parts, the oil can “congeal in the wrong places,” he said. You can prevent the ‘maple syrup effect’ by driving your car regularly, on trips that last longer than five minutes.

4. Check the brakes
You should get them checked every other oil change, he said, but if they ever feel funny to you, or you hear a loud screech when you brake, head to the mechanic immediately.

5. Consider new tires
Think of your tires as your car’s shoes. Just as you wouldn’t want to walk around outside in holey old shoes, neither would your car, which is why you should always check your tire pressure – especially in winter. According to Pep Boys, for every 10-degree drop in temperature, your tires lose a pound of air pressure.



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