Chiropractic Care and Your Kids | Erin Niekamp, D.C.

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Chiro help for babies and kids featured imageThis is one of my favorite chiropractic office signs that I have come across. Chiropractic has been shown to benefit young children in so many ways, and it seems to be a tool that isn’t utilized enough. Here in the office, I love seeing babies, toddler, young children, and even teens; although most parents of teenagers are hoping for an attitude adjustment as well when they bring their offspring into the office!

All of us parents know that with new babies, we are handed lots of new issues, and not any two children seem to be the same, so we don’t have all the answers from one child to the next. From ear infections, eating issues, pooping and peeing issues, and everything there in between, we seem to have endless sleepless nights and want to pull our hair out. This is why I love chiropractic, although it seemed that I could never help my children out as well as I could the little ones that came in through my office door, but I never stopped trying! I just love when I get phone calls, Facebook messages, and emails from parents that let me know their babies slept for hours after leaving here, or they slept the entire night without any issues, or they ate their entire bottle without spitting up after leaving here. Or the toddler that received a clean bill of health from the ENT and no tubes are necessary and they are clear of the ear infections that the last 4 rounds of antibiotics couldn’t clear up. Now, don’t get me wrong, we aren’t 100% here and don’t claim to be, but I love using just my hands to allow for all these interferences to be cleared up.

Now you may ask, what can chiropractic do for the kids besides helping in sickness? Well, how many times have you watched your toddler fall over while learning to walk, or conking their heads when they run into a table that a week ago they could walk under, or for the school age kids carrying their book bags around with all of those school books, or those athletes just starting to hit and tackle in their first year of football. There are so many times our children could benefit from chiropractic, it’s amazing. One of the best things is boosting our immune system. It’s been shown that our immune system is linked to the sympathetic nervous system, I know, I’m getting a little more scientific than I have this entire article, but just stick with me here. If an adjustment balances our nervous system, be it the sympathetic or parasympathetic, think about the impact it has on our immune system. Simply put, it’s an immune boost for our kids, and for us as well.

So, if you were ever wondering why you should take your kids to a chiropractor, there is an endless list of reasons as to why your child may need to see someone like me! And, chiropractic isn’t just for the kids either moms and dads, we are here for you too. Maybe next month, we’ll figure out why?

-Erin Niekamp | Niekamp Chiropractic Center
(419) 763-1217
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